GMO 是 OMG 掉个啦!!!

[译文]GMO 是 OMG 掉个啦!!!

 [GMO = 转基因作物 OMG = 哦 我的上帝]

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GMO is OMG backwards!!!   GMO是OMG掉个啦!!!

By Holladay Allen < 原文作者

Native Foods Cafe Tribe Member  <“有机食品咖啡厅”族员


翻译:tothedust 2011-10-10


Do you know Monsanto?  If you don’t, you should. 

您知道孟山都吗? 若您还不知道,那您该知道知道啦。


Monsanto is THE world’s largest seed company, which means

it owns a majority of the seeds that are planted for the commercial market. 



That is a whole lotta seeds! So chances are, the end result of one of those Monsanto seedlings has ended up on your dinner plate, and in turn, in your body. 



Ok, you say, so what’s the big deal?  It is just a seed right? 



Well, to begin with, anytime ONE company has a monopoly on any ONE product, disaster usually strikes.  首先,如果任何一个公司对任何一个产品实施垄断的话,常常会有灾难的到来。


That company has complete control with no competitors to dictate quality standards. 



Left to their own devices, companies in this position will often sacrifice the greater good for larger profit margins.  如果任他们所为,这样的公司就常常会为了更大的利润而降低产品的质量。


But anyways, back to the subject at hand!  Monsanto’s business is seeds. 



How on earth did Monsanto come to be the world’s largest purveyor of seeds? 



That is a darn good question, seeing as they got their start producing synthetic sweeteners, chemicals, and rubber! 这是个很好的问题。因为它一开始,是生产合成的甜味添加剂、化学产品以及橡胶的。

              孟山都商标:上面写着:生物技术 创新 合作 速度 


Ummm… do you want the word “biotechnology” anywhere near your food?



John Francis Queeny founded Monsanto in 1901.  Queeny began by developing and selling saccharin to Coca-Cola.  John Francis Queeny 于1901年创立了孟山都。起初,他开发并销售糖精给可口可乐公司。


Next, Monsanto started producing vanillin, salicylic acid, aspirin, and rubber as it established its presence in Europe.  后来,随着进入欧洲市场,孟山都开始生产香兰素、水杨酸、阿司匹林和橡胶。


Monsanto expanded into industrial chemicals in the 1920s, becoming a leading producer of sulfuric acid.  在1920年代,孟山都开始扩展到工业用化学产品,成为硫酸的主要生产厂商。


Next, they headed into the world of plastics!  Whew!   They cover the gamut, that’s for sure. 



They later produced DDT and Agent Orange during the Vietnam War (which is HIGHLY toxic to humans).  在越战时期,他们开始生产DDT和橙剂。橙剂对人体是有剧毒的。


Monsanto also produced aspartame, or NutraSweet, and the bovine growth hormone, bovine somatotropine (BST).  孟山都还生产阿斯巴甜 或 NutraSweet,以及牛生长激素。


Queeny’s background was in pharmaceuticals… I wonder if all his work with mind and body-altering chemicals laid the groundwork for developing food-altering chemicals. 




Do you see the pattern here?  Monsanto is the King of Synthetics! 



Let’s replicate and annihilate! Yowsers. 我们可以复制某种产品,然后用其取代这些产品。 


They are the leading producer of genetically modified (or GMO) seed in the world. 



Two-thirds of the soybean crop in America is genetically modified. 



In 1982, Monsanto scientists became the first to genetically modify a plant cell. 



This may have been one of the most detrimental scientific breakthroughs for the modern day farmer. 这个技术,对现代农民来说,可能最具有毁灭性的科学突破。


Monsanto then created the Roundup Ready soybean, which is a soybean resistant to the herbicide Roundup.  孟山都随后就用此技术开发出抗农达除草剂的大豆,就是说,这种大豆可以抵抗农达除草剂的危害。


This essentially means that you could douse a Roundup Ready soybean in this toxic chemical, and it will live on, coated in horrible toxicities.  这就是说,你可以把农达这种有毒的化学除草剂泼在这种转基因大豆上,它却会继续生存下去,但身上却粘满可怕的毒素。


“For the technology to be commercially viable, the FDA had to triple the residues of Roundup’s active ingredients that can remain on the crop.  为了让这种大豆商业化,FDA 美国食品药物管理局需要把残留在种子上的毒素标准提高3倍。


Many scientists have protested that permitting increased residues to enable a company’s success reflects an attitude in which corporate interests are given higher priority than public safety, but the increased levels have remained in force.”


         农达除草剂               ASGROW Associated Seed Growers,Inc.(U.S.A.)




Why would the FDA do that?  Well, funny you should ask! 



Monsanto and certain government agencies have taken a fondness to sharing employees with one another.  孟山都与某个政府机构常常“分享”同样的职员。


Former Monsanto employees currently hold positions in US government agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), United States Environmental Protection Agency‎ (EPA) and the Supreme Court. 前孟山都雇员,现在在FDA, EPA环境保护署和联邦最高法院做事。


These include Clarence Thomas, Michael R. Taylor, Ann Veneman, Linda Fisher, Michael Friedman, William D. Ruckelshaus, and Mickey Kantor.



Linda Fisher has been back and forth between positions at Monsanto and the EPA.

这位 Linda Fisher 甚至是在孟山都和EPA之间来来往往,一会在这里做事,然后又到那里。


Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was chairman and chief executive officer of G. D. Searle & Co., which Monsanto purchased in 1985.

前国防部长 Donald Rumsfeld 拉姆斯菲尔德 现在是G. D. Ssearle & Co. 的主席和CEO,这个公司在1985年被孟山都给买下了。


Rumsfeld personally made at least $12 million USD from the transaction.  Holy cannoli! 



Can I get a “conflict of interest” up in here?  Is this for real?  Is this even legal?

这种事情,难道不是利益冲突吗?【译注:官商勾结呀,不单单是中国的特产 美国也有滴】 



图解:FDA 的视力测验表:FDA 在椅子上看视力表:视力表上写着:利益冲突  FDA说:额咋啥也看不见呢? 


While we are all being toxified and duped by the monstrosity that is Monsanto, there are some whose lives are being completely ruined by them.  当我们都被孟山都这个怪物下毒弄晕的时候,有些人的生活则完全地被他们给毁了。


They are the American farmers, most of whom are carrying on generations of family work and dedication to preserving the land.  他们,就是美国的农民。其中的大多数都是世代务农,



Monsanto patented their Franken seed, which essentially means that if this seed is found on any property, Monsanto has the right to sue, and they do! 孟山都把他们的弗兰肯种子注册了专利。这就是说,如果他们发现任何一块土地上有这个种子,他们就有权起诉,而且他们真的起诉。 


If a farmer finds any trace of Monsanto patented seed on their land, by law, they must destroy all seeds.  如果一位农民在他的地里发现一点点孟山都的专利种子的迹象,那么,法律要求,他必须把所有的种子都毁掉。


Well, farmers save their seeds and replant them year after year.  This would be like throwing away your life’s work and starting over, all because the wind blew some seedlings over to your crop from a neighboring Monsanto farm.  农民每年都留下种子来年种。这就是说,他们必须要把一年辛苦的血汗收成都扔掉,然后,从头开始,这都是因为风把一些孟山都的种子从邻居的地里刮到这边来。


Fighting Monsanto in the court system is such a financial and emotional burden, that most farmers tend to settle. 与孟山都打官司,既费钱又伤心,大多数的农民选择私了。


The irony in all of this is that on the homepage of Monsanto’s website it says the following:



If there were one word to explain what Monsanto is about, it would have to be farmers.  “如果用一个字来解释孟山都公司的话,那就是农民们。


Billions of people depend upon what farmers do. And so will billions more.



In the next few decades, farmers will have to grow as much food as they have in the past 10,000 years – combined. 在未来的几十年里,农民们所要生产的粮食,将是过去10,000年所生产的粮食的总和。


It is our purpose to help farmers do exactly that. To produce more food.



 To produce more with less, conserving resources like soil and water. And to improve lives




We do this by selling seeds, traits developed through biotechnology, and crop protection chemicals.”  我们是通过卖种子来完成这些的,这些种子,通过生物技术,含有自我保护的化学成分。”



图解:无籽西瓜:农民惊讶:“啊,我装种子的袋子怎么也TM是无籽滴?” 袋子上写着: 无籽西瓜种子袋。


But uh-oh Monsanto… a recent article in the New York Times is claiming a reversal of fortune

for Monsanto, whose stock plummeted 42 percent since the beginning of 2010. 





Apparently their new Franken corn, called Smartstax (which sounds like some weird processed potato chip you’d buy in a cylindrical can), is not performing as well as they’d hoped. 

Even after it was manipulated with 8 different genes! 

原来,他们的新的弗兰肯玉米,叫什么 SMARTSTAX 的那个,(名字听上去像是那种在做特别处理后装在长筒子里面的土豆片)它的表现并不想他们所希望的那么好。他们对其中的8个基因动过手脚!还是不行。[ 呵呵。活该啦。]


 Also weeds are becoming resistant to Roundup, their signature product! 

还有啊,野草也不听话了,他们开始变得对农达没反应啦!!! 农达呀,那可是,那可是孟山都的名牌啊。

[ 吐血吧, 孟山都, 蛋痛吧, 转基因。]


Is Mother Earth fighting back?  Is this a case of bad karma?

地球难道不是在反击吗?          难道这不是报应吗? 


Check out the article here: 点击查看,纽约时报的报道。


给玉米注释化学药剂:转基因技术的含义    把种子加上钥匙,孟山都给你钥匙,你才能开锁。否则“没门”。



I could write a whole heck of alot more on Monsanto, but alas this is a blog, not a novel. 



Please check out the following websites and articles and ALWAYS know what exactly you are putting in your body and where it came from. 请您参看下面这些网站和文章,无论如何,无论何时,千万都要搞清楚,您所吃的喝的,都是什么成分,这些成分,都来自哪里。





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